I think about things: TDKR Edition


I think about things. Probably more than I ought to, but I do. Specifically, I tend to think about Superheroes a ton. One of my favorite past times, odd as it may seem, is thinking about either where I would go with DC properties in the media, or where existing ones are headed. To that end, I wanted to put together a few of my thoughts on the upcoming The Dark Knight Rises. Some may seem obvious, some may not, and some could turn out to be spoilers if you care about that sort of thing.

In the lead-up to the Avengers release, TDKR put a new trailer online, their final one before release on July 20. Give it a watch after the jump, then sift through my musings.

So… I watch stuff like this, and I think…

I think that Bane is a Batman mulligan. In Batman Begins, The League of Shadows tried to manipulate Bruce Wayne and turn him into a symbolic figurehead to lead them in their mission to bring Gotham to it’s knees. One of the taglines for TDKR is “The Fire Rises,” which is a callback to something Ra’s al Ghul said in BB, “No one can save Gotham. When a forest grows too wild, a purging fire is inevitable and natural.” While Batman may have turned against the League, they haven’t given up on their quest. Years later, they’ve finally created a replacement to lead their march on Gotham. Before he can lead the League, Bane must break the Batman.

I think that the story will mix elements of Dark Knight Returns, Knightfall, and No Mans’ Land with plenty of original Nolan material. Batman will be broken, Gotham will be cut off from everything, and Batman will have to rebuild the “myth” of the Batman to save his city from destruction.

I think Ra’s al Ghul will most certainly be back, though I don’t know if Nolan will play the “Legacy” card or go with the Lazarus Pits literal revival.

I think that lazarus pits will be in the film.

I think that the lazarus pit(s) will be key to Bruce’s healing process after Bane destroys him.

I think that we won’t see Bane’s venom in the traditional sense, but I do think that Jonathan “Scarecrow” Crane, the pharmaceutical specialist who works for Ra’s al Ghul in the Nolan-verse, will make a breathable gas from the contents of the lazarus pit that is keeping Bane alive and giving him inhuman strength.

I think that while we will obviously see Selina Kyle in civilian clothes as well as her cat-burglar gear (It’s not a cat mask and ears, it’s night-vision goggles that swivel up and down), we won’t hear the word “Catwoman” uttered a single time in the film. She will always be referred to as Selina or Ms. Kyle.

I think that everyone is wrong about Joseph Gordon Levitt. He will not be Nightwing, or even replacing Batman during the “time away,” but instead will turn out to be in league with the League of Shadows.

I think that this is the final shot in the film. The Dark Knight has returned and stands triumphantly over Gotham City as the sun rises.

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